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Contrary to popular belief – and what your parents told you when you were younger – trainers aren’t just for exercise. Mad to think that after all this time, all those uncomfortable years of opting for a rigid pair of tanned, pointed loafers as casual wear were in vain, because in truth, your feet were always allowed better.

Keeping gym and casual footwear separate has always made sense, mind. Sweat mixed with treadmill wear and tear doesn’t usually tend to make for a fresh-looking pair of trainers, but space, money and time halt the ability to own too many pairs – so merging the two is the logical choice.

Such is the necessity to be more efficient, shifts in prevailing footwear trends and trainer technology mean there are now plenty of shoes that will perform both in the gym and on the street. While we aren’t suggesting wearing a clumpy pair of thick-heeled, grandad runners with a pair of jeans on a

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