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I have my own business working from home and I was doing long, long hours, having minimal contact with people daily,” explains 34-year-old Milton Janusch. “I was mentally fatigued. I felt lonely, isolated and overwhelmed with work. A week could pass and the only people I would see would be a Deliveroo driver and my then-fiancé (now my wife), Stacey. I’d piled on weight gradually and didn’t really notice how big

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Try This
Stand up, place your hands on your stomach and take a deep breath in, relaxing your abs. Now blow out through pursed lips and keep blowing out ALL the air. You should feel your deep abs tighten and draw in as they try to expel the air. The same thing
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Bolster Your Defences
Incorporate omega-3 and plenty of colours into your lunch to boost your immune system, says Clarissa Lenherr, nutritionist from personalised healthcare service bioniq ( “Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that contribute to immune system
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Pilates Principles
ALIGNMENT: If one part of the body is misaligned, it affects the whole body. Working in correct alignment helps improve the body’s function and wellbeing. BREATHING: Pilates exercises are co-ordinated with the breath to aid control. Breathing is fu