Little White Lies

Much love…


  is an artist and illustrator from Los Angeles. Unique faces, strong women, nostalgia, flora, and the California landscape all inspire her work. The styles of the early 1970s figure heavily into Bijou’s repertoire, so was a natural pick for her. She enjoys painting

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Little White Lies4 min letti
A Female RAGE manifesto
The camera loves women. It loves watching us move, it loves watching us get dressed, get undressed, smile, cry, fall in love, get hurt, get drunk, have sex, be assaulted, be wronged, be distressed… But there’s one thing it does not like us to do: it
Little White Lies3 min letti
Directed by EMILY HARRIS Starring DEVRIM LINGNAU JESSICA RAINE HANNAH RAE Released 3 APRIL 3 ANTICIPATION. A fresh take on a Gothic classic. 3 ENJOYMENT. Plenty to admire here, especially the performances of young co-leads Hannah Rae and Devrim Lingn
Little White Lies2 min letti
Fire Will Come
Directed by OLIVER LAXE Starring AMADOR ARIAS, BENEDICTA SÁNCHEZ, INAZIO ABRAO Released 20 MARCH Shots of lush greenery, verdant hillsides and the awe-striking spectacle of untrammelled, overgrown farmland blanketing the rolling hillsides take up the