Little White Lies



is an illustrator from England creating intricate artwork inspired by folklore and symbolism. He has worked to create album covers, editorial and book illustrations. “It was important for the artwork to evoke the idea of martyrdom and comtemporary sainthood, which led to the stained glass treatment. The

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Little White Lies3 min letti
The Perfect Candidate
Directed by HAIFAA AL MANSOUR Starring MILA AL ZAHRANI NORA AL AWADH DAE AL HILALI Released 27 MARCH 3 ANTICIPATION. Al Mansour’s history-making debut, Wadjda, is a beaut, but a few mis-steps since then. 4 ENJOYMENT. The framing of one woman against
Little White Lies4 min letti
What Is Thirst?
For many of us, movies – along with whisperings on the school bus, maybe – are one of the first places we learn about sex. It could be the swimsuit strip-off in Fast Times at Ridgemont High or the window-steaming love scene in Titanic. Or renting som
Little White Lies4 min letti
Needle POINT
In Rose Plays Julie, sexual trauma is hereditary, a curse passed on by bad men and handed down by injured, furious women. It is not strictly a horror film, although much of what transpires is reasonably horrific: cool, dilatory and clean, the action