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There are several factors at play that encourage us to overeat and research shows over time our portion sizes, particularly for discretionary or treat foods has increased. Also, as a generalisation, we are a nation that values bigger sizes when it comes to food. Just think of all those two-for-one offers and upsizing meal deals. These appear to be just too tempting with 71% of men upsizing simply because it only costs a little extra. When we compare that to other cultures that put flavour and quality over volume, and you can begin to see why we are a nation of over-eaters.

In addition, our plates, cutlery and serving spoons have all gotten bigger over the years and many stores encourage buying in bulk making some smaller options more expensive than their larger counterparts. While all these factors don’t force anyone to overeat, all together they do encourage us

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Status Update
FULL NAME: Caitlin Ann Sorensen BORN: September 18, 1989 HOMETOWN: Roseau, Minnesota USA LIVES: Fargo, North Dakota USA FIVE-WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Happy, optimistic, funny, competitive and hardworking.” HOBBIES: “Lifting, cooking, yoga, piano,
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Joy Sticks
Some might say Zino Davidoff invented the desktop humidor, so the brand he established in Geneva in 1911 knows a thing or two when it comes to storing tobacco in an optimal environment for the next generation. And every now and then they do something
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Runner-up... ERICA VANLEE
A model, actress and performance artist who can be seen in multiple mediums including film, stage and print, Erica Vanlee has taken her skills and passion around the world. Her TV credits include, Masters of Illusion, Raising Hope and Wrong On Every