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Several Valley schools made a commitment to build healthy students, improve school climate and strengthen parent-child bonds by implementing the , which includes a site-based peer

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Trending Kratom
The easy accessibility of drugs to young adults, teens and even children is alarming. While we may think some drugs can be hard to obtain, the Internet is fast becoming a place where people can easily find and order drugs. Kratom is a drug that is ga
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Formal Family Dinners
It’s often noted these days that children don’t know how to act in more formal settings, and considering the behavior routinely witnessed in neighborhood restaurants, it’s hard to argue that point. The fact is, many of today’s young people don’t get
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Moments Of Truth
From the moment our kids were born, my husband and I made a pact that we would always tell them the truth. We always gave them honest and truthful answers to their questions, never sugar-coating the truth or giving them fairytale answers, no matter h