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Hotel Hot List
Like something straight out of a vintage spy movie, this ambitious project could easily stand in as a Bond villain’s top secret jungle lair. Art Villas is a labour of love by Filip and Petra �ák, a formerly Prague-based couple who sold their business
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Grand Reveal
Grecian shaped vessels form an impressive installation. Animatic table, £4,716, Amy Somerville. From left, porcelain amphora, £1,300, Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam. Pichet Pelican, £460, Jean Roger at The Invisible Collection. Vase on Blue Recta
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Super Bowl
Elevate your fruit in both height and importance with Ayres Estudio’s Tall Lago Vessel – the most modern of platters. The Mexican brand is inspired by the country’s rich natural materials – Yucatán woods, Pueblan marbles, lava rocks – for its collect