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The Battle of Cape Ecnomus

1. Deciding to fight

he Carthaginian leadership decided to oppose four Roman squadrons off the southwest coast of Sicily rather than wait until they reached North African waters.

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Reasons For Abandonment
Unpredictable events such as floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts or coastal erosion can make an area unsafe to live in. When people’s homes become part of a warzone, the inhabitants need to flee to avoid being killed or injured. If fo
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Mass Extinction
Species made extinct 85% The first mass extinction occurred when life itself was still in its infancy. Organisms such as corals and shelled brachiopods filled the world’s shallow waters, but hadn’t yet ventured onto land. When a climatic shift caus
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Saviours Of The Sea
You don’t have to venture too far out into the ocean to feel completely isolated and alone. As the sea covers over 70 per cent of Earth’s surface, those who spend much of their lives boat-bound can travel over vast stretches of water each day. At any