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Everybody knows of a ‘haunted house’ in their neighbourhood, where something terrible once happened and where the spirits inhabit the empty hallways and dank, dark basements. But for some, it’s not enough to walk past and wonder what foul fiends lurk behind the tattered curtains. Some people need to know more, and so, with trusty torch in hand and a rucksack full of equipment on their backs, they go where the rest of us are

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How It Works1 min lettiChemistry
The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The more hydrogen ions there are in a solution, the more acidic it is. Acids will have a low number on the pH scale and will turn red or pink when the cabbage juice is added. The pH indicat
How It Works1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Up, Up And Away
a San Francisco International Airport, taken over 90 minutes during a weeknight. The wire-like trails of light ascending from each runway, 01L and 01R, are created from the wing and tail lights of 25 different aircraft, from small private jets to lar
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Recovery Mission
Tension winch The boat can lift another from below water or pull a floating vessel closer using a cable. The winch alters the tension of the cord to pull the extra cable below deck, while the boat the cable attaches to is pulled closer to safety. H