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Where would we be without memory? Without the ability to remember significant events in our lives we would lose sense of who we are, and being unable to store information as we learn it would leave us with the permanent intelligence of

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Issue 148 on sale 18 FEB 2021 Available in print from all good newsagents and, or as a digital edition for iOS and Android. To enjoy savings on the RRP and to make sure you never miss an issue, check out our subscription offers o
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Bush Medicine
Rural Australia is a harsh environment. The land is dusty and dry, dangers can be hidden and the heat unceasing. You could be tricked into thinking the land is barren. But this is far from the truth. Through a process of trial and error that has take
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Europa’s Frozen Surface
Meet Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. It’s the gas giant’s sixth-closest moon and is one of the coldest places in the Solar System, reaching temperatures of no more than -160 degrees Celsius at its equator and plummeting below -220 degrees Celsius at its