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Thrilling Return

a restaurant that simply isn’t working, it’s sad. But when a chef closes a restaurant that everyone loves, it physically hurts. I hadn’t been to Mexique in ages when it shuttered abruptly in 2018, yet I immediately felt its absence. Carlos Gaytán’s tiny and adored West Town spot had weathered 10 up-and-down years, drawing crowds for its Mexican-French mash-up, losing them as buzz died down, then earning a Michelin star, then losing it. Throw in a stint and a divorce from his longtime wife, Iliamar — who owned the Mexique space — and Gaytán’s history in

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HOW MUCH DOES CHEF KEN POLK LOVE FRENCH TOAST? HIS LINCOLN PARK BREAK-fast spot Batter & Berries has served more than 200 variations. Below are three of his over-the-top favorites. All of them call for starting with a basic batter of 2 cups heavy cre
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Reshma Shah
Pre-COVID, it was like, “Come on, Shai, sit. Just sit and talk with me.” Then with COVID it became, “You’ve been sitting for five hours. We’ve got to do something.” There’s resistance. I’ll be like, “If you don’t get up and move, that’s not good for
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Ask a Budtender
Q: I’m curious about tinctures — the liquid drops. How do people use them? A: One way to take them is by dropping them directly under the tongue. Just give them a couple of minutes to absorb before swallowing. This is a good option for people who don