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Beyond veganuary

It probably hasn’t escaped you that we are currently in the throes of so-called veganuary. I hope I’m not

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The Flag Drops As Outdoor Sports Get Go-ahead At Last
As lockdowns are eased across the country and COVID-19 case rates continue to decline, outdoor shooting activities have begun again. A calendar of shooting events looks set to go ahead. Outdoor shooting — including clay shooting and target rifle — be
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Sporting Answers
Q How should we prepare rook for cooking? Do you have any suggestions for recipes we could try? We are a bit sick of the traditional rook pie. A I am a fan of eating rook — and jackdaws — but I do not limit this only to branchers in the spring. I u
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Native Britain
Latin name: Coprinus comatus Common name: Shaggy inkcap Other names: Lawyer’s wig, judge’s wig, shaggy mane How to spot it and where to find it: This common mushroom is usually found on roadsides, verges, woodland edges, lawns, flowerbeds and any