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You cannot have it both ways

shoot woodpigeons over crops regularly at the request of farmers to control their numbers and prevent serious damage. As part of this control I shoot them over cereal and oil seed rape stubble in the late summer. This is necessary to

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Both Spaniel Championships Cancelled
The Kennel Club has announced the cancellation of the Cocker Spaniel and AV Spaniel championships, which were due to have been held in January, because of the uncertainties caused by COVID-19, writes Maurice Stanbury. The International Gundog League,
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Behind the Line
Standing in the shower, pondering the meaning of life and the current state of things, I was lamenting the temporary demise of my local shoot when I suddenly remembered a special chocolate cocker and the day I was sure he was a goner. I had the great
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The Keeper’s View
As I write we are in lockdown; all driven shooting in England has ceased and gamekeepers/shoot owners across the country are more than a little nervous. The best-case scenario by the time you have read is that we have hit the ground running from 3 De