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Native to the tropical forests of the Eastern Himalayas through China, Korea and Japan, cymbidiums were first cultivated by the ancient Chinese in the days of Confucius. The genus consists of about 50 species, and from these, thousands of hybrids have been bred. Cymbidiums are evergreen with long, strappy, grass-like leaves growing from thick bulb-like swellings called pseudobulbs, which act as storage organs for nutrients and water.

Each growing cycle starts in early spring, with fresh leaves

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How would you describe your work? It explores the use of lines as a basic function. The structure of the subject matter is reduced to its simplest components – the broken lines connect content, or simply emphasise structure. I have named this techniq
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A City Sanctuary
A professional couple who travel frequently. A contemporary, 300m2 garden in Inanda, Sandton. One of the first rules of landscaping is to take your cue from the architecture of the house. And this is exactly what landscape designer Gregory Mark did
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Expert Tips
A professional will be able to give you expert advice on which range would suit your home and furniture layout, as well as the correct panel width for the application. This will help you avoid expensive mistakes. The louvres of white shutters reflect