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THE MAKING OF Grand Prix Simulator
Like many of the Oliver twins’ collaborations with Codemasters, Grand Prix Simulator was a huge success. However, aspects of their top-down Amstrad racer bothered the brothers, as did the outsourced Spectrum conversion, and so they decided to make a
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A Prince Amongst Videogame Heroes
■ Missing bits of the floor? No worries for the Prince. He can athletically hurl his body across manageable gaps and soon get on his way. ■ When battling enemies, his sword drawn, the Prince can take a foe by surprise by leaping over the fool and str
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PAC In The Game
■ Earlier this year, Numskull announced a very special version of Pac-Man to tie-in with the 40th anniversary celebrations that would be taking place throughout 2020. The reveal was a special edition of Pac-Man, which featured brand-new artwork that