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Dear Retro Gamer, I have a million questions for you! But I’ll keep it to one (on this occasion). I’ve spent this current lockdown indulging in my library of Retro Gamer mags – which has now become retro in its own right! I’ve been purchasing the mag
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■ DEVELOPER: KONAMI ■ YEAR: 1994 ■Tiny Toon’s finest take part in an array of minigames, including basketball, soccer, bowling, an obstacle course race and whack-amole. The title really comes into its own in the basketball and soccer modes, where cha
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Conversion Capers
■ A very different game from the 2600 version, this uses a crosshair to direct your fire, features a launchable battle pod to take the fight to the enemy and even has night levels, illuminated by giant searchlights. This is definitely worth investiga