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In UK schools, BBC computers taught computer literacy. France had informatique pour tous and Thomson computers. François was not impressed. “I

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Genius Sequels
■ Shantae’s second adventure is an easy-breezy quest through a mere two major dungeons, but it packs some of the best sprite work seen on the Nintendo DS thanks to the input of the absolute pixel artisan Henk Nieborg. Not a bad game by any means, but
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Stanning Mr Biffo
Violet Berlin ended up with a regular column on Teletext’s Digitiser from 1994. “I was a massive fan of Digitiser,” she says, “and read it every day. Out of all the gaming journalists, I wanted to meet them most of all. So I went to a trade show, and
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Archer Lives Forever
■ For reasons so mysterious that neither its makers or IP owners (most recently Activision) have all the answers, neither No One Lives Forever nor its sequel are available to buy digitally. However, thanks to the release of the game’s source code in