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In UK schools, BBC computers taught computer literacy. France had informatique pour tous and Thomson computers. François was not impressed. “I

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Reliving The Dream
The arrival of the Dreamcast in my home was a monumental occasion, and only partially because of the games. You can probably imagine just how excited I was to finally get my hands on Sonic Adventure, but a large reason for the excitement was that I f
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Yu Yu Hakusho Makyo Toitsusen
’ This is Treasure’s least known Mega Drive game, largely because (aside from Brazil) it was never released outside of Japan. Even though it lacks the aesthetic verve found in earlier Treasure games it nonetheless bristles with ingenuity, offering br
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Mischief Makers
■ Treasure’s first venture away from Sega’s consoles was an unusual game in many ways. The central mechanic of grabbing things in order to shake, throw and otherwise manipulate them was quite distinctive at the time – as was the visual appearance of