When Going Gray is a Red Flag

I recently had a discussion with someone who claimed that the gray man concept — the art of blending into your surroundings so your preparedness goes unnoticed — is ridiculous. He explained that when you know what to look for, the gray man

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Lockpicking 101
A basic understanding of lockpicking is one of the most valuable urban survival skills one can have in their arsenal. For many, the idea of lockpicking may be relegated to the realm of criminals and hackers, but there are many legitimate legal uses f
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Some Place Dark…
We consider it our job, and frankly our duty, to think about the unthinkable — to take a hard look at the worst that lurks inside our fellow humans. Of all the brutality we inflict upon each other, abducting a person by force is perhaps one of the mo
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Front Toward enemy
Backpacks are a topic of endless debate and speculation within the survivalist community. What’s in your bug-out bag? Do you have a go-bag in your car? What about a get-home bag at the office? Is your every-day carry bag stocked with survival gear? T