If you’ve ever lusted after a B&T APC9 but had second thoughts after seeing the price tag, then the Grand Power Stribog might just be what you’re looking for. Both are well-executed Euro designs with subgun DNA, but at current street prices, you could get a Stribog for yourself, one for your significant other, and keep one as a spare for the cost of a single B&T. Does this mean the Slovakian blaster is inferior? Far from it.

As Americans, we tend to be infatuated with the AR-15 and its variants, even when it might not be the best tool for the job — the old maxim about every problem being a nail when all you have is a hammer springs to mind. While 9mm ARs have come a long way since the days of the Olympic Arms

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Government Surplus
Back in Issue 35, we ran a Build-sheet on editor Dave Merrill’s recreation of his Marine Corps Issue M16A4, circa 2004. We’ve decided to revisit the theme of cloning one’s military service rifle with a rebuild of my own Army-issued M4, carried on a o
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AsLegacy Vodka
One of the reasons we love running the Veteran Vices column is that we’re suckers for a good story. Every Vices brand is a direct reflection of a military or first-responder veteran spending their blood, sweat, and tears to bring something good to a
Recoil2 min lettiDiscrimination & Race Relations
Down Range
We seem to inhabit a clown world where even the most innocuous act is deemed racist. Tom Brady leading the Bucs to Super Bowl victory during Black History Month? Racist. Math? Racist. The great outdoors? Yup, you guessed it. In a world where everythi