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Rule the roast

Chickens. They’re everywhere. They’re an abundant food source and relatively easy to raise. Overall, they have a smaller impact on the environment than cattle, and, when prepared right, they’re delicious, and an excellent source of protein.

But what does ‘right’ actually mean when it

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Popular Mechanics South Africa1 min letti
It Made Per Fect Sense At The Time
More than 100 years ago, this cover story told of the Duluth aerial ferry, which was the first structure of its kind in America. The steel-trussed superstructure spanned the Duluth shipping channel, and loads of up to 50 US tons could be transported
Popular Mechanics South Africa8 min letti
Flying In The Face Of Gravity
SITTING DOWN FOR my Zoom chat with Patrick Davidson, one wouldn’t think he spends much of his time upside down in an aircraft travelling at speeds and pulling off manoeuvres that can only be likened to the way UFOs travel in sci-fi movies. I’m not su
Popular Mechanics South Africa3 min lettiChemistry
A Quantum Leap In The Classical World
PHYSICISTS HAVE LONG struggled with a perplexing conundrum: Why do tiny particles such as atoms, photons and electrons behave in ways that bacteria, bees, and bowling balls do not? In a phenomenon called quantum superposition, for example, individual