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THE USS ZUMWALT and her two sister ships are undergoing a dramatic change of mission just three years after the first ship was commissioned.

The destroyers, originally meant to provide naval gunfire support for the US Marines and to bombard targets far inland, are now being reoriented as ship killers.

The class of destroyers, which and the , was intended to dramatically boost the fleet’s firepower. After the retirement of the four -class battleships in the early 1990s, the US Navy studied a number of solutions before deciding on the . Each ship would be equipped with two 155 millimetre Advanced Gun Systems, each firing a precision-guided Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) to ranges of up to 83 nautical miles.

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SIM Racing… What Do You Need?
» Playseat Evolution, ±R6 500 » Thrustmaster T150, ±R4 300 » PlayStation 4, ±R7 000 » 24” Samsung Display, ±R2 000 » Playseat Evolution, ±R6 500 » Thrustmaster T300, ±R7 500 » Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter, ±R4 500 » AMD Ryzen 5, ±R12 000 » 24” Samsung C
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Sim-racing Benefits
1. The overall cost to participate is at least 100-times cheaper than the real thing. 2. You get unlimited laps on all the best tracks in the world. 3. Racers have no excuse of inferior equipment; the playing field is level. 4. More than in real moto
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IT’S HARD TO imagine a time before the Corolla Sedan existed. Indeed, for whatever reason, the humble Corolla rose to the top and became the de facto choice for more than 45 million wanting family wheels. Does that secretly make it dull? Yes, it does