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meat eater, but I definitely enjoy a juicy burger or steak every now and again, and biltong is my go-to snack when I’m out hiking or rock climbing. But the fact that

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Popular Mechanics South Africa5 min letti
Model Of Inspiration
This whole lockdown thing has really separated the practical people from those who choose to do other things in their spare time. I’m fairly sure that if a survey were conducted, most of the handymen (or should that be ‘handypeople’?) will say that t
Popular Mechanics South Africa3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Ride The Future
SOUNDS LIKE the worst idea in the world, right? An electric Harley- Davidson. Peter Fonda (who tragically passed away last year) must be turning in his grave. Electric is the future and makes total sense, but we weren’t sure that this marque, known f
Popular Mechanics South Africa2 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Ford / Ranger Raptor
GENERALLY speaking, South Africans are pretty conservative with their vehicles. For example, the next time you’re on the highway or at a mall, take note of the predominant colours – 80 to 90 per cent will most likely be white. Buying silver is pushin