New American Paintings

AC Carter

Athens, GA / / @lambda_celsius

I recombine and recontextualize consumer products, fabricated garments, and kitsch-based craft materials through stacking, dressing, styling, and painting. I draw influences from pop

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New American Paintings2 min letti
Kyle Austin Dunn
Oakland, CA / / @kkyleddunn I explore and uncover biases through the digitally influenced presentation of an archaic medium. The paintings utilize layers of overlapping lines to create complex distorti
New American Paintings2 min letti
Kathryn Clark
San Francisco, CA 415.335.0753 / / @kathrynclarksf I use traditional textile mediums to reflect current global crises. This approachable medium presents the viewer with facts they might prefer to convenie
New American Paintings2 min letti
Mary Mocas
Los Altos Hills, CA / / @marymocas I am a mixed-media artist who utilizes collage, painting, and sculpture. My process begins when I gather peeling wheat-pasted paper from urban walls around the world. I accum