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Launched in 2018, the latest generation Stumpjumper underwent a raft of frame revisions to bring it up to date. It got a little longer, a little slacker and a new suspension layout added more mid-stroke support while making it easier to fit off-the-shelf shocks.

The big change however, was the move to the asymmetric ‘Sidearm’ frame design. Not only is the design easy on the

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Know Your Cranks
Most cranks use either a 24mm or 30mm diameter axle. They don’t usually come with a bottom bracket, so you can mix and match brands. SRAM’s latest DUB BB uses a unique axle diameter just under 29mm and requires an own brand unit or an adaptor to use
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Pb’s Haibike Allmtn 6
£5,149 / 29/27.5in / MONTH 1: E-bike specialist Haibike has specced its all-mountain model with Yamaha’s latest motor; PB just had to jump the shark... According to Google Translate Hai means shark in German – so in plain English my 20
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Size ridden M Rider height 5ft 9in Head angle 64.7° Seat angle 69.9° Effective SA 76.5° BB height 344mm Chainstay 430mm Front centre 800mm Wheelbase 1,230mm Down tube 720mm Top tube 609mm Reach 456mm ■