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Monday, January 4
AFTER A STRESSFUL YEAR, MY husband and I planned for some time to regroup, pray, and seek Jesus for where to serve next. I envisioned several peaceful months of settling back into a routine. The very next week a family member was diagnosed with Alzhe
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Thursday, January 21
ONE MORNING, I WAS FEELING glum because I wondered if the best part of my life was behind me. I had no meaningful work or adventures in my near future. I put on my glasses so I could read the small print and opened my Bible to Isaiah 43:19, “I’m abou
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Saturday, January 23
CATS. I LOVE THEM. SO, when a nearby farmer needed a home for a barn cat’s female kitten, I volunteered. The thought of that tiny bundle snuggling on my lap drew me in like a cat to yarn. But Ivy, an independent calico, soon let me know there would b