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THE BIBLE IS FULL OF prominent old folks God recruited for vital kingdom missions. Abraham and Noah, Elizabeth, mother of John, and assorted mature

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A Note From The Editor
WHEN I WAS A CHILD, my family would spend every Easter with my grandparents in Philadelphia. Each trip was filled with fresh adventures and new activities. We visited local landmarks; we went to church; we talked; we laughed; and we decorated for Eas
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Thursday, March 4
SOMETIMES LOVE MEANS SHAVING YOUR head. At age eight, my grandson Roman faced a serious surgery. When he learned that a strip of his hair from one ear to the other would have to be shaved, Roman said, “Nope, it’s got to be all my hair or none.” His d
Mornings with Jesus2 min letti
Tuesday, April 27
THERE IS SO MUCH MORE Jesus wants to do in the earth through us, but as a body we struggle with unbelief. In the context of today’s Scripture verse, Jesus was trying to preach and heal people in His hometown of Nazareth, but they wouldn’t receive Him