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CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT IT would have been like to be Mary on that day? Faithfully and quietly going to the tomb to

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Mornings with Jesus1 min letti
Wednesday, May 5
I LIVE IN A PARADISE for beach lovers. Our family’s regular beach is Honeymoon Island, which has topped several “Best Beach” lists over the years and is a mere fifteen-minute drive from our house. But it’s a deceptively rough-looking route to get the
Mornings with Jesus2 min letti
Wednesday, May 12
MY CROSSWORD PUZZLE CLUE WAS “a four-letter word for foul mood.” Ha, that was easy: snit! The perfect word to describe my mood yesterday. You’ve heard the old saying, “A face only a mother could love?” Yesterday I was a person only Jesus could love.
Mornings with Jesus1 min letti
Monday, May 3
AS OUR BUS NEARED THE entrance of the orphanage in Uganda, we heard cheering. We rounded the corner to see hundreds of kids shouting and waving at us. They chased our bus yelling, “Muzungu, hi!” (Muzungu means “traveler” in Swahili). The joy of these