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‘I would do a 12-week diet and lose 20kg. Then I would think, “Well, I’ve achieved my goal” and then binge-eat and put all the weight back on in just a month.’
– Ronald Smith

Ronald Smith’s weight problems started during puberty, fuelled by a family who loved to gather around the dinner table. ‘I come from a very big family. My grandmother had 11 kids, so we’d have very big family get-togethers, where we would eat a lot.’ His sister, Shayna, agrees. ‘We loved hearty meals and our carbs – we loved food in general. Dinner was a variety of calories and there was no skimping on the cheese sauce,’ she laughs.

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LOSE IT The Low Carb & Paleo Way2 min letti
As far as possible, choose grass-fed or organic meat. Enjoy the fat and the skin! • Bacon (Try to find charcuterie bacon, without nitrates and nitrites, and with the lowest carb content – which means the least sugar)• Beef• Biltong (for powdered, gri
LOSE IT The Low Carb & Paleo Way2 min letti
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1. You must not use the content in LOSE IT! as a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional. You should seek medical advice from a qualified professional before starting any weight-loss programme. 2. LOSE IT! magazine (which we some
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Do You Need A keto Reboot?
We’ve all fallen off the low-carb wagon… a slice of toast here, a round of beers there – it happens to the best of us! (The festive season presents a whole new set of challenges; you don’t want to be the Grinch, turning down a portion of gran’s prize