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If you’re looking to get in your best shape ever, it’s high time you gave weight-lifting a proper go. So says TV presenter turned PT Chloe Madeley, whose new book, (Bantam Press; £16.99) is dedicated to the abundant benefits of lifting heavy metal. Chloe picked up her first set of weights seven years ago and she still believes weight-lifting is the best thing she ever put her body to. ‘Pulling off moves makes me

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The digitalisation of healthcare is revolutionising the way we manage our health problems. This is, in part, due to the evolution of health technology during the pandemic, with telehealth and virtual care making it possible for patients to look after
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Active Recovery Classes
1 F45 runs (members-only, from £20 a week) weekly 45-minute Recovery sessions (available live online) with a combination of passive and active exercises, plus stretching to improve flexibility, range of motion and posture; f45training.co.uk. 2 Flex
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The Good Gut Guide
It is estimated that around 400 bacterial species and 100 trillion microbes live in our gut. This ecosystem – known as the microbiome – influences our nutrition, metabolic health, immune system and even mental health. Indeed, research has shown that