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Paris can wait

On a record-high day of 44 degrees Celcius in late June, as we drive away from the medieval town of Tarascon in Provence, in the South of France, we follow a long, winding path framed by olive trees that seems to lead nowhere. Without a house in sight, we continue our drive uphill onto an unpaved road, windows down, with only the sound of cicadas and the blazing heat piercing the car.

We finally arrive on the scenic estate of 62-year-old French style icon, designer, author and model Inès de la Fressange. The property sprawls over 15 hectares of lavender bushes and more olive trees with gnarled and twisted trunks surrounding the off-white facade of her house, which is trimmed with doors and shutters painted a soothing blue. De la Fressange, wearing an oversized white linen shirt and navy blue drawstring linen pants,. It’s more of a little bazaar — everything comes from the flea market. I wanted a house that feels like it’s existed forever and feels like a holiday home; a house for family, friends and dogs. For people to come in and out freely and happily, where everything is simple and nothing is precious. Politicians and celebrities have stayed at the house, but they had to adopt its style. And usually they appreciate it.”

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