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To be or not to be, that is the question. Or rather, to be B11 or to be A/B in the world of GT. This type of pontificating is an integral part

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Guitar Techniques1 min letti
Next Month
The amazing fusion guitarist returns to share and discuss another fantastic solo on a Jason Sidwell-penned track. While you might not know its name, you’ll definitely recognise this piece from the writer of the Flower Duet. John Wheatcroft shows
Guitar Techniques1 min letti
Get The Tone
On the recording, I used a moderately distorted guitar tone with the amp set on crunch. Because I used single coils, I added a bit of front-end gain and compression using a distortion/gain pedal. Generally, for rock-orientated playing, ideas are eith
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JOSH SMITH Video Masterclass
Josh Smith is one of the most respected modern guitarists, as much at ease in SRV and Albert Collins blues terrain as when exploring Jimmy Nolen or Steve Cropper R&B territory. While he’s had numerous fruitful collaborations (Joe Bonamassa, Raphael S