GRIT Country Skills Series

Requeening a "Hot" Hive in 10 Steps

It's amazing the way a beehive can have a personality. While the colony is made up of thousands of individual bees, the overall, collective demeanor of the group makes it as if you are working with a single organism.

If you have an overly-aggressive hive, you

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GRIT Country Skills Series6 min letti
Feed the Flock
The old adage “You are what you eat” certainly applies to chickens. A strong foraging instinct gives chickens the ability to naturally thrive on a wide variety of plants and insects. However, some modern backyard birds aren’t lucky enough to range co
GRIT Country Skills Series8 min lettiNutrition
Poultry on Pasture
There seems to be a widespread belief that poultry raised on pasture—call them open-range, free-range, or another buzzword—run around and meet all their protein and nutritional needs by eating only bugs and plant seeds. I often see this notion perpet
GRIT Country Skills Series4 min letti
Home On The (Free-) Range
To free range or not to free range—for folks with a flock, that is the question. Several years of experience raising free-range flocks on my organic farm, Mama Tierra, in Bowdoin, Maine, has led to some useful, albeit hard-won, insights. I did some h