GRIT Country Skills Series

Cook it in CAST IRON

Cast-iron cookware is, in my own opinion, the secret “ingredient” to great-tasting food. I cook and bake exclusively with cast-iron, and whether it’s golden French toast or perfect pan-fried steaks, I always reach for one of my more than 50 pieces of vintage and modern cast-iron cookware.

I scout out discarded and abandoned pieces of cast-iron cookware at yard sales and auctions. A 100-year-old rusty Griswold muffin pan came home with me for a

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GRIT Country Skills Series5 min letti
Build the Perfect CHICKEN COOP
Chickens are every bit as fun and easy to care for as dogs or cats, plus they provide a steady supply of fresh eggs. The biggest challenge is keeping the birds safe from predators and, at the same time, allowing them to enjoy a natural diet of grains
GRIT Country Skills Series9 min lettiNature
RAISING Guinea Fowl on Your Farm
Poultry can make a great addition to your farm or small homestead. In How to Raise Poultry (Voyageur Press, 2011), Christine Heinrichs provides all of the information you need to successfully raise a flock of birds. This excerpt provides information
GRIT Country Skills Series4 min letti
Hatching A Plan
When Ryan Kelsey has nothing to do, he just goes to the henhouse and “talks” with his chickens. Lots of them. Ryan was a senior in high school in 2017, when this article was first published. At age 12, Ryan started Valley Farms Hatchery in Spring Val