GRIT Country Skills Series

Overnight Starter for 3 Batches of Bread

European breads are frequently made with an overnight starter, called a poolish or biga. This way of developing dough—which I learned from Peter Reinhart, of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice—has helped me to quickly put together some delicious, full-flavored sandwich breads. To learn how to stretch and fold the starter, visit

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Repugnance for what comes out the far end of an animal is not merely cultural conditioning—our senses are warning us of potential danger: Feces can be a vector for disease. Joel’s quote above implicitly advises us to trust that repugnance: If it smel
GRIT Country Skills Series5 min letti
Build the Perfect CHICKEN COOP
Chickens are every bit as fun and easy to care for as dogs or cats, plus they provide a steady supply of fresh eggs. The biggest challenge is keeping the birds safe from predators and, at the same time, allowing them to enjoy a natural diet of grains
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“We had a beautiful rooster who hated EVERYONE except the little old neighbor lady who he would go up to for a hug and a cuddle. So strange. The garbage men left a note on the gate saying they wouldn’t collect the trash due to a vicious animal. Heck,