I began subscribing to GRIT this past year because of my father, Robert Lee Franklin. He passed away this past November at the age of 89. One of the ways he earned money when he was a young boy was by selling GRIT newspapers in Rankin County, Mississippi. I inherited three ceramic bowls that he earned during his time selling the paper. He was very proud of those bowls and the achievements they represented, so I’ve held onto them.

Here’s a picture of my dad around the age of 13 or 14, which would have been about 1941. He’s delivering GRIT by horseback. He has his newspaper bag hanging around his neck, and is ready to make his deliveries for the day.


Making Do

I just received my May/June 2018 copy of GRIT, and I’m reading the letter from Donna Shelby about her little dressing table made out of wooden boxes. Those boxes were orange crates,

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