■ If you’re a canning aficionado and like to put up juicy berries, sweet peaches, and crisp apples, you could be earning extra cash with your preserved spreads. According to the Specialty Food Association, jam and jelly sales totaled more than $228 million in 2016. Many people yearn for the days when food was home-grown, homemade, and full of recognizable ingredients, yet the pace of modern life leaves little time for cooking. People with traditional canning skills can fulfill this desire for homemade food by starting their own jam- and jelly-making businesses.

Operating a jam- or jelly-making

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FROM NO-KNEAD TO SOURDOUGH: A Simpler Approach to Handmade Bread
Is there any food that evokes pleasant memories and warm feelings more than bread? It's the most basic of foods, yet many of us are intimidated by the prospect of making our own. From instructions for making simple yeast breads to baking a wide varie
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Few plants are as useful to humanity as flax. For 10,000 years, people have woven flax into linen fabric for clothing. Paints, varnishes, and enamels made from flaxseed oil – also known as linseed oil — have decorated and protected homes and furnitur
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GOAT Hoof Care
A goat’s hooves require proper care in order to keep the animal healthy and thriving. Left uncared for, lameness will occur via overgrown toes, hoof rot, hoof scald, and abscesses. With continued neglect, the pain becomes so great that the goat becom