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1 Dehydrated Food

Before getting into the commercial varieties, it’s worth noting that food you dehydrate yourself will almost always be tastier and far cheaper than commercial brands (for DIY check out: However for most people it’s just not practical to spend three days cooking, drying and packaging food.

For my Larapinta walk I brought roughly 50% my own food, 30% Camper’s Pantry and 20% Backcountry Cuisine and found after my own meals, I preferred the Camper’s Pantry meals (in all except the Apple Pie – the one region where Backcountry came into its own with slightly more cinnamon and better sauce). Camper’s Pantry does have a slight tendency to resemble ‘baby food’ as a trail friend pointed out however they were bigger, cheaper per gram and tastier than their main rival. The flavours were excellent in the curries and couscous based meals especially; I couldn’t quite get my head around

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