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Worker bees

There are 1700 native species of bees in Australia, as well as the introduced species: the European honeybee, apis mellifera. Sure as hell, at least one of these bees stung you as a child: perhaps while running under the sprinkler in the hot January sun, at the local swimming pool or playing backyard cricket. More often than not, being stung by a bee is a human’s first encounter with the tiny, diligent insects that waggle-dance from plant to plant, flower to flower, pollinating a massive one-third of the world’s food supply in the process. Some of them sting. But there are plenty of other reasons to

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When Zoe Birch and her partner Lachlan Gardner decided to open Greasy Zoe’s – a diminutive 10-seater located in the leafy suburb of Hurstbridge, some 45 kilometres outside of Melbourne’s CBD – it wasn’t necessarily born from a romantic notion. “It ca
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Methods For Sterilising Jars
1 Put jars and lids through the hottest cycle of a dishwasher without using any detergent. 2 Lie down jars and lids in a hot water urn, cover with cold water then cover boiler with a lid. Bring water to the boil over a high heat and boil jars for 20
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A Quick Word With Alan Cumming
My first overseas trip was when I was about 12 or 13. It was a school trip to Germany. Bizarrely, we stayed in an industrial town in the Rhine Valley called Koblenz. I’m not quite sure why we went there, I guess it was a good spot to base ourselves.