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My fascination with Venice goes back a long way. Many years ago, when I was just 21 and had completed a 12-month sabbatical in Southern Italy, I found myself on my way to London. I had a little time up my sleeve, so I asked my learned older cousin, Liliana Di Certo, for advice on what I thought would be a difficult question – where should my next stop in Italy be? I’d been to Rome and Milan several times, but hadn’t ventured far beyond these cities or the southern region of Calabria, the birthplace of my father. “Liliana, I only have a few days. Where do you think I should go: Florence or Venice?” She didn’t hesitate. “Venice. You are going to Venice and I am going to organise it. In Florence, you have to line up to see the art. Yes, it’s amazing when you get in and see it, but in Venice, is art.” And so my obsession with the floating city was born. Little did I know that Venice would continue

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Editor’s Letter
As we enter a new year, it’s time to celebrate some new beginnings here at Gourmet Traveller, as we welcome a number of new features and columns, as well as the return of some much-loved favourites. Sommelier and wine communicator Samantha Payne join
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Skye Blackburn
Learning about edible insects from Skye Blackburn was life-changing. She taught me how important this practice is; for nutritional, environmental, cultural and historical reasons. She encouraged me to look into my own Chinese heritage, where we have