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I’m 50 and have been told I must incorporate regular exercise into my life. I don’t know where to start, please help!

Aim to walk for 20 minutes every second day and build A this up to six days a week. Hire a trainer (if possible), even for

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Could you suggest some recipes using Greek-style yoghurt? »A Try the following: Mix the yoghurt with a squeeze of lime juice and use instead » of sour cream on burritos, nachos and tacos Combine with Dijon mustard and use in sandwiches, » salads, g
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“This blush is perfect for the weekend when I am tired and can’t be bothered putting makeup on. It has a beautiful shimmer in it.” “It’s my happy p›ace. There is something about the sand and the sound of the waves that makes me feel free and conte
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When you’re in urgent need of a creative idea or an answer to a niggling problem, going to bed and switching off for the day is not usually the solution that first springs to mind. But when a surprising number of major scientific breakthroughs and ar