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Hopefully, when you look in the mirror you like what you see, but unfortunately for many of us, we battle constant doubts about our self-image. You might think we’re going to tell you to repeat how great you are right now (which of course, you are!) but simply repeating positive thoughts doesn’t work for everyone. Instead, it could be time to try body neutrality on for size.

Body neutrality is a bit like the Goldilocks effect. It’s not body positivity, where you are full of overtly good thoughts about your body (‘I’m hot!’) or body negativity, where you can only see flaws (‘I’m not!’). The idea of body neutrality is of being somewhere

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We sometimes focus so much on finding time to get outside to enjoy the fresh air that we can neglect thinking about the quality of the air circulating in our indoor living spaces, which becomes increasingly important as we move into the cooler season