Look out for them in the shake of a branch – a flash of colour, a timorous heartbeat. There are grand displays to be had, and the search for small creatures often delivers much larger ones, walk-on parts in a wild play that will have you standing in your seat.

They say it’s the little things that count.

The theatre was Tembe Elephant Park and a lioness was about to enter, stage left. We could see her in the wings, poised, resolute. A stop to enjoy the antics of a yellow-throated longclaw had revealed the lioness in the distance. We edged closer until we saw another lioness standing on the grassy plain, centre stage. Her demeanour told us that she felt vulnerable. Her ears were

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The road to the Tasman Peninsula was lined with warning signs bearing marsupial silhouettes. Evidently worthless, since the tarmac was littered with the corpses of countless cute creatures. Wombats. Wallabies. Tasmanian devils. Hapless victims of log
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Up ahead, the gravel road to the Cederberg meanders into the afternoon haze, like an adder slithering lazily out of sight. This route option, entering the pristine wilderness area from the south, is by far my favourite, especially at dawn or dusk. Wa
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Great Karoo Cycling offers five trails, varying in length, duration and difficulty. Autumn trails start in mid March and run until early June. Spring trails resume in mid September until the first week in December. Book well in advance to ensure avai