The paleo diet (sometimes called the Caveman Diet) is designed to resemble how Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers ate thousands of years ago.

There are many variations of paleo, but the basic idea is to avoid grains, legumes, processed foods and most sources of dairy, and focus on healthy, wholefoods. Your

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This vegan product is a powerhouse of plant extracts, including bio-active rooibos extract; chlorella, a green algae that packs a strong anti-oxidant punch; aloe extract, which is effective against breakouts and dryness; jojoba seed oil to restore th
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Stages Of Parkinson’s
STAGE 1: Mild symptoms that don’t interfere with daily life become apparent. Tremor or stiffness affects one side of the body only. You may notice changes in posture, walking and facial expression. STAGE 2: The symptoms worsen. Tremor, rigidity and
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THE uncertainty we’ve all felt in the past year has left many of us feeling rudderless. A mentor can provide guidance and be a calming presence during such a difficult time. Santam suggests three types of mentor-ship that could benefit your business: