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Look who’s Tolkien

Karukoski is a self-proclaimed Tolkien nerd. He first read aged 12, and still watches Peter Jackson’s film trilogy every Christmas. (“The extended versions,” he is careful to point out.) So when the opportunity came to direct a film about J.R.R. Tolkien’s early

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No./ 7 “I Told George Clooney That I’d Never Seen An African Astronaut In Space”
DAVID OYELOWO hasn’t been spending much time on terra firma lately. He’s breached the realms of fantasy and fiction in Come Away — an ode to classic children’s literature co-starring Angeline Jolie — and is shooting off to space in George Clooney’s T
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The Good Lord Bird
OUT NOW (STAN) EPISODES VIEWED 7 OF 7 SHOWRUNNERS Ethan Hawke, Mark Richard CAST Ethan Hawke, Joshua Caleb Johnson, Hubert Point-Du Jour Opening on the words, “All of this is true...most of it happened”, The Good Lord Bird is historical revisionis
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As revealed in last issue’s Empire, director Paul Verhoeven is training his provocative eye on nuns for his next project — specifically, 17th century mystic lesbian nuns. Which is not something they teach in Sunday school. This classic Powell & Pres