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o figure out which riflescope focal plane makes more sense for you, it’s important to understand a few things about riflescope construction. The first thing pertinent to this discussion is reticle position. The reticle can be mounted in one of two places within the scope: the first focal plane (FFP) or second focal plane (SFP). Focal planes are specific places inside a scope tube where the target image is sharply focused. The front or FFP is near the front

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Have you ever thought about what it takes to make a deer hunter — a really good deer hunter? Several years ago, a mother and her teen-age son attended one of my deer hunting seminars. After the show, this woman approached me and asked for some ideas
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We often take life’s little thing for granted probably because we make ourselves so busy that we never slow down to look around. Deer hunting is a perfect example. No matter how many times I head afield each fall, I fail to give honest reports to my
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How Common Is It?
Although annual infection rates of cystic echinococcosis is believed to be very low in the United States, exact figures are not known because the disease is often misdiagnosed. According to cystic echinococcosis expert Dr. Enrico Brunetti, Assistant