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My wife has labeled me a “buyer” not a “shopper,” and for the most part I would have to agree with her. If I want something and can afford it, I just go buy it and forgo the endless searching and comparing. But then again, that label does not always hold true, because if you put me in a hunting and fishing store I can spend hours shopping.

On one such shopping trip, I was in a large outdoors store perusing through the meat processing equipment. I had the notion that I wanted to start processing my own deer and the first task was to buy a meat grinder. I had narrowed it down to the model I wanted, but I had to then decide on how big of a motor to get. They ranged all the way from ½ hp to 1½ hp, with hp dictating the amount or pounds of meat per minute it would grind.

The ½ hp model could grind up to 7 pounds per minute and the 1½ hp unit could grind 18 pounds per minute. So, if I had 100 pounds of deer meat it would take me a little over 14 minutes with the smallest unit and 5½ minutes with the big daddy. Not that big a difference in time, but it did carry a hefty difference in price.

Guess which one I bought? The big one of course, not because I was considering commercial meat processing, but because it was bigger and therefore it was the one I needed.


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