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Like most whitetail hunters, I was happy to shoot any deer that came along when I started. It didn’t matter if it was a buck or a doe. Back in the late 1970s, just seeing a deer was newsworthy, so it was very rare that any deer hunter would pass on any shooting opportunity.

I was lucky that my first deer, shot back in 1979, was a nice 9-point buck. When I say lucky, I mean it in every sense of the word. Tagging that buck was 100% luck and there really is no other way for me to spin it. While that buck would be considered small by today’s standards, and thousands of today’s deer hunters would let him pass without a second thought, I literally did not know a single person at that time who had shot a bigger buck. I feel extremely blessed that I have had the opportunity to watch our deer herds grow from literally nothing to becoming so common that the sight of a whitetail feeding in a field is not even worthy of a second look for many rural residents. I was also able to witness the deer hunting industry blossom and explode. It is an experience that today’s younger hunters cannot comprehend.

At the same time that our deer herds and the hunting industry were maturing, so was I. I took many small steps along the way to get to the point I am at today. It has been an enjoyable journey over parts of five decades, with

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Winter Velvet
Have you seen a “cactus” buck? Probably not. That doesn’t mean a spiny desert plant shaped like a deer. Rather, it’s the rare phenomenon that occurs in deer with some testosterone deficie ncy. Often, these deer exhibit biological aberrations, such as
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Avoid A Common Peep Sight Pitfall
I have spent a considerable amount of time experimenting with peep sights through the years. I’ve tried all sorts of peep sight designs and aperture sizes. In the old days, we all used the original Fine Line peeps with rubber tubing that made sure th
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Season Of Harvest
Congratulations to the thousands of Deer & Deer Hunting fans who have sent us their success photos this past season! Here is just a sample of all the happy moments that were had out in the woods this past fall — what a great way to get our minds off