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Each end every deer hunter has their favorite line of camouflage they wear in the woods, a favorite brand of broadhead. Some hunters prefer a ladder stand to hunt from. Others would rather use a climbing-style treestand. Here are one hunter’s Ten “Commandments” that he believes every deer hunter should abide by.


Have you ever wondered how the same hunters kill big bucks year after year? It is quite simple. They spend days, weeks, even months learning everything they can about the ground they hunt and their quarry that lives on that ground. They use their binoculars in the evening to determine which alfalfa fields are being used early in the season by hungry deer. Later in the season, hard mast trees are the choice of whitetails. Hunters need to learn the location of the oak trees on the property they are hunting. Natural funnels, rubs, scrape lines and bedding areas should be identified during your scouting so there is no second-guessing the best location for a stand.

Scouting isn’t something that should be

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