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My entry into bowhunting “Eastern” whitetails coincided with early-20s youth, university enrollment and accompanying financial difficulties. Youth and limited funds led to some highly questionable perches, including sitting on horizontal branches with no stands at all and two-by-six lumber scrapes wedged into tree forks — all without the benefit of safety gear, of course. Eventually I’d invest in a couple budget-priced treestands, minimalist hang-ons with polypropylene anchoring ropes, webbing seats and extremely cramped platforms. I killed many deer from those Spartan stands.

Even through my 30s and 40s, traveling widely to the latest whitetail hotspots and eventually settling in northern whitetail country, my preference was always lightweight, compact hang-on stands. They were easier to tote into the public “walk-in” properties I found myself hunting most often, and eventually the big-woods surrounding my Idaho home.

After blowing past 50 with little notice and quickly bearing down on 55 years old, I find those backcountry stands increasingly intolerable. Knees and especially my lower back

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Next World Record
What will the next world record typical whitetail look like? Will it have the awesome width of Milo Hanson’s magnificent, big-framed buck with its 27?⁄?-inch inside spread? Or the tremendous mass of the Jordan buck, with its soaring 30-inch main beam
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Season Of Harvest
Congratulations to the thousands of Deer & Deer Hunting fans who have sent us their success photos this past season! Here is just a sample of all the happy moments that were had out in the woods this past fall — what a great way to get our minds off
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Top Tips for Census Cams
If you want to get the most (and best) intel on the deer roaming your hunting property, you need to come up with a trailcamera plan that works for you. I’ve “been there, done that” on the trail-cam thing over the past 25+ years, and here’s just a few