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How did people living in the Amazon basin roughly 3,500 years ago work out that if they ground down the bitter purple beans of the cocoa plant, they could transform them into a sticky and delicious paste? It’s one of the great mysteries of chocolate – now one of the most desirable treats in cultures from all round the world.

The Mayans, whose civilisation flourished in Mexico between 250 and 900AD, made a drink from crushed cocoa beans, chili peppers, cornmeal and water which they called ‘xocolatl’ or ‘bitter water’. The Mayans revered it as ‘the food of the gods’. It was consumed during weddings and believed to have special healing properties.

The Aztecs used cocoa  beans as currency, and believed it to be an aphrodisiac of such potency that it was forbidden to women. King Montezuma drank 50 cups a day - and

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From The heart
Dear Sally Can you please tell me if these orbs on my shoulder and my daughter Zara’s shoulder are anything to do with us? The photo was taken about 11 years ago and I’ve wondered ever since what they could be. Lisa Spriggs, UK Dear Lisa Thank y
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Did You Know?
Asimilar ‘monster hunt’ to the one involving the Gorbals Vampire took place in Liverpool in July 1964, when thousands of children went hunting for leprechauns in Jubilee Park. The Liverpool Daily Post reported on 2 July 1964 that the leprechauns were
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Love Is In The Air
Whether you’re happily single, coupled up, or on the lookout for romance, Valentine’s Day brings thoughts of hearts and flowers. These symbols of love just ooze amour and say more than words ever could. They also have a deeper meaning, which can reve