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Celestial Calendar
Asteroid 37 Fides, named for the Roman goddess of loyalty, will be plying the star-poor byways of eastern Cancer over the next couple of months. Fides is a large S-type, or stony, asteroid 108 kilometres across that spins once every 7.33 hours. Based
Australian Sky & Telescope7 min letti
Meade’s LX85 ACF
AMONG THE MOST POPULAR telescope mounts today is the medium-capacity, computerised German equatorial mount (GEM). There are several reasons why, including their reasonable cost, good payload capacity, and general versatility — a solid equatorial moun
Australian Sky & Telescope2 min letti
New Product Showcase
Software Bisque announces TheSky Fusion (US$1,695), a compact, mountable control computer for your imaging system. TheSky Fusion simplifies setups by powering and controlling a broad range of astro-cameras, filter wheels, focusers and other devices u